About Us

TrueCover is a technology company focusing on making insurance work for the consumers.

We provide a platform that helps consumers understand their policy benefits and maximise the
utility of these benefits by demystifying the policies details.

TrueCover is a unique platform that enables a truly digital experience for the insurance consumers.
While there are many players in the market focusing on sales or distribution of new policies,
our singular focus remains on consumer empowerment.

“Our dream is to make Digital Insurance a new normal”

With TrueCover, consumers will get the digital tools to help them understand their risk coverages
better and use their policies more effectively. This will not only enable informed decision making,
it will also help them achieve greater financial security.

Our dream is to make Digital Insurance a new normal. We are building creative tools which will
allow all players in the insurance ecosystem to benefit from greater customer engagement.
TrueCover offers unique benefits to insurers, intermediaries as well as customers to help create
a truly digital experience for insurance customers.

Join us and make the digital insurance dream a reality!




Our Team

The founding team packs some serious firepower.with Our team has expertise in insurance, finance, technology and products – with proven experience in building teams and delivering path breaking market solutions. The team eats, sleeps and dreams technology with unflinching resolution to fix insurance for consumers.


Ashish Chandra

Ashish wears the captain’s hat. He is known to make things work for everyone – despite his extensive consulting experience. Unlike the rest of us, who do an obligatory MBA, Ashish decided to become a practicing economist , with mixed outcomes. In previous life, he managed to work on some mind-blowing stuff from multi-billion dollar strategic investments to international trade deals, from restructuring industries to building smart cities. Fortunately, his globe-trotting travails and bag full of air-miles come in handy often.

If we let him any free time, he loves to read and run, preferably not at the same time. He likes to play, watch and gossip about all sports from F1, football, golf to poker. His favourite mastermind topic is whiskies of the world. Ashish is an alumni of IIT Delhi and University of London.


Peeyush Jain

Peeyush is our product whiz and in-house matchmaker-in-chief, aka Sales head. His network is legendary and it is said that if you are not on his linkedin then you are in serious danger of getting there soon. He is also known as Chief Idea Officer. It is a testament to his product prowess that several of his his previous startups were able to deliver phenomenal growth, customer engagement and funding. He knows more about product, marketing and sales for startups than several VCs, but thankfully they are all his friends.

In his free time, he loves watching documentaries and alternative cinema from across the world. He can give gyan on any topic and counsels free folks on virtues of Keto diet in reducing health risks. Peeyush is an alumni of IIT Delhi and IIM Kozhikode.


Nitin Srivastava

Nitin is our Chief Jedi Master and keeper of the “force”. Having been a real CEO – not just the start-up kind – he knows the importance of building strong teams for delivering real value for customers. He is know to be a tough task master and yet regarded highly in the insurance circles. He helps us evangelise customer priorities in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Nitin loves Hyderabad Biryani, Lucknawbi kebabs, F1 and Apple products in equal measures. Now that he has so much free time since leaving Corporate life, he has a newfound zeal to discover his true passions. Nitin has business degrees from XLRI (J) and INSEAD.