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mis-selling of policies to Senior Citizen

Senior citizens, be wary of mis-selling of Insurance policies !

Mis-selling is the term which is prevalent in insurance sector. Generally the people esp senior citizens buying insurance does not have enough information while buying a policy. Many times, risk is not explained properly and half or misleading information is given. Senior citizens have sizable retirement fund at their disposal which makes them easy target […]

April it is – Best months to buy term life insurance!

Posted on December 6, 2018

Good news – Any time starting from today is the right time. So, basically the earlier the better! If you will ask any expert advice then they will suggest to buy the insurance plan as early as possible. But also upon digging further, studies have shown that April can be the month to buy an insurance […]

Digital transactions can improve hospital finances

Posted on October 31, 2018

According to World Health Organization, out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure in India is extremely high at around 62%. Since public investment on health has been stagnant at around 1% for many years, people have no option but to empty their pockets. Even the National Health Policy has admitted that nearly 63 million people are pushed into poverty […]