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Empowering insurance agents for delivering great consumer experience

We are seeing today that Insurance industry has taken up the digital drive with a zeal. A number of consumer apps are being developed by insurers as well as the brokers. The main purpose of these apps is to allow greater digital connect with the consumers. It comes at a time when the consumers have […]

Buying the right mix of Insurance policies for complete protection

People buy insurance to protect against potential financial risks and to protect future requirements. The key to buying adequate protection is to make sure there are no gaps in the insurance portfolio – be it for life policy, health insurance policy or for protecting other asset classes like motor vehicles, property etc. At the same time, buying […]

Digital is the future of insurance

The digital revolution is continuing to disrupt industries. Evolution of smart mobile phones and improving network connectivity is expanding the reach of digital tools. Payment processes are also becoming simpler. Introduction of new family of payment modes such as wallets has simplified point of sale user experience. The insurance industry also cannot remain unaffected by […]

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