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mis-selling of policies to Senior Citizen

Senior citizens, be wary of mis-selling of Insurance policies !

Mis-selling is the term which is prevalent in insurance sector. Generally the people esp senior citizens buying insurance does not have enough information while buying a policy. Many times, risk is not explained properly and half or misleading information is given. Senior citizens have sizable retirement fund at their disposal which makes them easy target […]

Empowering insurance agents for delivering great consumer experience

We are seeing today that Insurance industry has taken up the digital drive with a zeal. A number of consumer apps are being developed by insurers as well as the brokers. The main purpose of these apps is to allow greater digital connect with the consumers. It comes at a time when the consumers have […]

Digital intelligence improving insurance services

Global InsurTech market is heating up. Insurers are constantly looking at means for differentiating themselves in a competitive market. In India, there are more than 50 insurers and more than 20 general insurers. The tussle to be “top of the mind” of the consumer is making insurers find new ways to connect with the consumers. […]

Buying the right mix of Insurance policies for complete protection

People buy insurance to protect against potential financial risks and to protect future requirements. The key to buying adequate protection is to make sure there are no gaps in the insurance portfolio – be it for life policy, health insurance policy or for protecting other asset classes like motor vehicles, property etc. At the same time, buying […]